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Name of Institute: Institute of Diplomatic Practice and Development Policies (I-2DP)

Date of Establishment: 25th March 2011

Location: Nyansapo House, Adjiringano Road, East Legon, Accra, Ghana, West Africa.

Postal Address: P .O. Box 7767, Accra-North Ghana.

Tel No: +233 302957977

Mobile: +233 248895345



MISSION: The Institute’s four pillars of focus are as follows:



To serve as a centre for organizing short-term training programmes for African Diplomats and other Government Officials who represent their countries abroad to negotiate global public goods and standards setting including Agriculture, Labour and Social Welfare, Environmental Protection, Energy, Public Finances, Trade, Communications etc.

To offer tailor-made strategic training programmes for functionaries of sub-regional organizations such as ECOWAS and UEMOA, as well as regional organizations in Africa such as the African Union.

To provide opportunities for non-African diplomats in the training programmes in order to enable them understand and appreciate African perspectives on major international issues, whilst African participants also get the opportunity to familiarise themselves with foreign positions on important subjects in an informal and cordial atmosphere.

To foster and establish peer learning among participants during such training programmes that will contribute to enhancing the ‘international solidarity’ which is so much needed at the continental level.



Participating in the preparation of documentation for major global diplomatic conferences.
Participating in the negotiation and drafting of International Political, Legal, and other instruments related to governance.
Organizing conferences and workshops in and outside Ghana.
Organizing public lectures on topical national and international subjects of relevance to the development of Africa.


C. UNDERTAKE RESEARCH WORK related to development policies in Africa, especially in the areas of natural resource management and environmental governance, social and economic effects of climate change, promotion of agricultural investment and poverty reduction with a view to accelerating the integration of gender and social dimensions into such policies.


D. OFFER SERVICES to national as well as international organizations in the areas of Diplomatic Practice, feasibility studies for development projects and programs as well as commendable practices for good governance such as election monitoring and management of post-conflict situation.



I-2DP cooperates in that regard with international organizations such as those within the UN System, the African Union, the European Union, Ecowas etc, as well as Civil Society and Private Sector organizations which seek to enhance Africa’s development.