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UNGA Training Session

A training programme was organized by the Institute of Diplomatic Practice and Development Policies { I – 2DP } from Sunday, 22nd to Saturday, 28th July, 2012,  as part of Ghana’s preparations for the forthcoming UN  General Assembly, to update government officials, international functionaries and civil society representatives on international issues to be discussed at various levels of the meetings to be held with effect from September, 2012 in New York, USA.

Thought-provoking presentations were  made, including those on Multilateralism and the extent to which developing countries have benefitted from modern multilateral diplomacy; the UN Rising to the Challenge of Maintaining World Peace and Security with focus on the conflict in Syria; how the UN system works during the General Assembly sessions and the various means used and efforts deployed by civil society organisations to impact the work and outcome of the Assembly’s sessions through its various Committees; Ghana’s

contributions to the UN agenda on Sustainable Development with a critical look at Ghana’s own Development Agenda; as well as a new approach in Africa’s relations with world powers such as the European Union and China. The EU Ambassador in Ghana and the Director of Political Affairs at the Embassy of CHINA in Accra both addressed the course. The Programme ended on the high note of a presentation by the Deputy Commandant of the Kofi Annan International Peace- keeping  Training Centre {KAIPTC], Brigadier-General B. F. KUSI on the Security Threats in West Africa, with focus on the Situation in Mali.

The programme objective was achieved to a high degree, partly because it was tailor-made in close collaboration with the Multilateral Bureau of the Foreign Ministry in Accra and partly because of the specialized background and commitment of the resource persons.