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Orientation Course for Mid-career Diplomats and other Officials who Represent Governments and Organisations Abroad – February, 2014

I-2DP has, over the past three years, received much encouragement from the international community to redouble its capacity building efforts in diplomacy and international development cooperation.

With renewed vigour, therefore, the first of I-2DP’s 2014 training programmes was held from 17th to 21st February and was geared towards upgrading the knowledge and skills of mid-career African practitioners in the art of negotiation. Particular emphasis were placed on contract negotiations as well as conflict resolution processes in order to address participants’ lack of skills in negotiating in ways that maximize chances of coming out with agreements that best serve the interests of their respective countries or organizations. Matters related to International Development Cooperation, International Trade Talks, Financial Markets as well as Security Concerns in Africa were also addressed.